25 Days of Christmas Challenge ||Leah

The idea for this post came from a blog that I love to read.  Amanda from Running With Spoons posted this “challenge” on her blog, and I thought it would be fun to do on here.  Since 25 is a lot, I will be posting half of the “challenges” today and the rest on another day.   So – let’s get started!25-Days-of-Christmas.png

1. Favorite Christmas movie: My favorite Christmas movie… okay.  I’m not really sure if this technically counts as a Christmas movie”, but every winter we just have to watch ‘Sleepless In Seattle’.  Comment below if you have ever seen it, and if you haven’t?  I HIGHLY recommend.  Another great Christmas movie is ‘Elf’.  I’m sure you’ve all seen this one – it’s very popular.  Again, if you haven’t seen it, you probably should.  It will probably make you laugh.img_7020

2. Christmas wish list: My Christmas wish list?  Well, I didn’t really go too specific this year.  I think it’s kind of rude to give people an extensive “demand list”.  That’s not what presents should be about.  Presents and gifts should be someone thinking about you and your interests, and then selecting something that reminds them of you.  For the sake of this Christmas challenge, though, here are a few things that I would like:

  • The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – Right now I have a Fitbit Flex that used to be my dad’s.  I would like to have my “own”, and upgrade to a “better” model.  I love the plum/silver or the teal colors.
  • Stress-balls – I tend to be a very stressed person.  Maybe stress-balls would help?  I think they would be a good stocking stuffer.
  • Bliss Kiss nail pen – This pen is AMAZING.  I am a horrible horrible nail-biter.  I have been my whole life.  I got one of the nail pens sometime last year, only half-expecting it to actually make a difference in the appearance and strength of my nails.  Well, let me tell you: it made ALL the difference!  Within days my nails felt and looked stronger.  The natural oils helped my nails to grow SUPER fast.  Unfortunately, I do not have pictures as proof.  Also unfortunately, I’m only human.  That nail pen eventually ran out, and I hadn’t broken  my nail-biting habit as well as I thought I had.  In short, it’s time for another Bliss Kiss nail pen.
  • Clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

3. When/how did you learn that Santa wasn’t real?: When did I learn that Santa wasn’t real?  I can’t really remember.  No, the experience was probably so dramatic that I blocked it from my mind forever. 🙂 I do remember believing in Santa for a really long time, though.  I think that I was older when I found out.  I knew from a young age that the Easter Bunny, Leprechaun, and Tooth Fairy weren’t real.  Somehow I just didn’t put two and two together?

4. Favorite Christmas song: I love ALL Christmas songs.  Let’s be honest, is there anything better than listening to Holiday songs on the radio in a toasty car while snow is falling all around you?  I didn’t think so.

5. Best gift: Ooh… the best gift that I have ever received… from my little-kid days or now?  Well, one of my favorites from when I was younger was a microphone.  Paige got a karaoke set and a microphone as well that year, and we sang our little hearts out probably every day.

6. Favorite ornament: I have soo many favorite ornaments!  My family usually buys an ornament whenever we go on big trips.  Because of that tradition, our tree is so full of memories!  I couldn’t choose just one favorite, so I narrowed it down to three:

A Surfboard from Maui, Hawaii.IMG_6998.jpg



7. Most memorable Christmas: I mean, all of them have been pretty great…

8. Christmas decor: These are two of my favorite decor items that we have:


My family has three different nativities that we set up around our house, but this adorable one has always been my favorite!


9. Easiest person to buy for: The easiest person to buy for in my family is probably my older brother.  He’s pretty easy-going and doesn’t have a long wish list.

10. Favorite Holiday scent: I LOVE Holiday scents!  I love cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, etc.

11. Favorite Christmas tradition: Every Christmas my family always opens up presents on Christmas Eve after watching a short Christmas video.  Then, on Christmas morning, we get presents from “Santa” in our stockings and around the room.

12.  Wrapping paper or gift bags?: Definitely wrapping paper.  It comes in sooo many cute colors and patterns!


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