5 Tips for Preventing Split Ends ||Paige

Ah, split ends.  They’re dreaded by all girls, yet seem inevitable.   Not only are split ends super annoying, but they are also irreversible.  But don’t worry… they are preventable to some extent – and today I’m going to teach you how to prevent them and keep your ends healthy!


  • The Haircut  There is some truth to what I said at the beginning of this post – to get rid of split ends, a haircut is inevitable.  If you have very damaged hair with an abundance of split ends, it’s best to just get a trim (it doesn’t have to be much – tell your stylist what you’re trying to achieve) for a fresh start, then follow the tips I’m sharing for healthy, moisturized ends so you can go for a longer period of time before your next cut.  


  • Cutting split ends off by hand  Before you start freaking out when I suggest cutting your own hair, hear me through: if you don’t have a ton of split ends, or got a trim not long ago but have just started noticing a few split ends, this method will save you money and time by delaying that dreaded trim.  Instead of getting another haircut because of only a few pesky split ends, you can take a pair of scissors and cut split ends off just above where the shaft splits.  This should only be a quarter or half inch from the end of the shaft.  Not so bad, right?  This method can be really useful – just make sure you only cut one strand at a time, and don’t cut off more than necessary.


  • Use less heat  Now that we’ve gone through how to get rid of split ends, it’s time to talk prevention.  Split ends are caused when the hair shaft is dry or damaged, which makes your hair more fragile in a sense and leads to the shaft splitting.  So the clear way to prevent them is to keep our hair moisturized, conditioned, nourished, and as damage-free as possible.  And what are the most common ways of damaging hair? Coloring or bleaching the hair, and using heat on it.  So if you’re seeing a lot of split ends in your hair, either of these may be a likely cause.  If you’re a bit of a heat junkie and can’t imagine not blow drying, curling, or straightening your hair every day, here are a few things you can do to lessen the amount of trauma you’re putting your hair through.  
  • Use heat protection prior to styling.  Always.
  • Lessen the temperature-  I think that we tend to use more heat than necessary when styling.  Look for a tool that allows you to closely set and control the temperature, or at least has more options than just on/off or high/low.  Tools like that can be dangerous, because you don’t know how much heat you’re using each time.  
  • Use high quality brands- Look for a high quality tool that will allow you to extend your style for 2 or more days.  For example, some low-end curling wands may create curls that have a short life and always fall out by the end of day 1.  But good quality wands can create looks that last for days, which leaves you not having to use heat on your hair every single day.


  • Invest in high quality products  Go back and read the third sentence of tip no. 3.  The one about moisturizing, conditioning, and nourishing hair to prevent split ends.  That’s why products are so vital to keeping your ends healthy.  There are a ton of hair products out there: masks, oils, leave-in treatments, and serums (and more) that were designed to do those three things.  I recommend investing in a good mask (or finding one you can make yourself), as well as at least one other treatment like those listed above to keep your strands luscious and your ends all in one piece.  And make sure that when applying, you focus the product on your ends before working it up through the rest of the shaft


  • What not to do  My final word of advice to you is what you should NOT do when you find a split end: split it further, or take one of the half strands, and pull it up the shaft until it breaks off.  I saw a girl doing this at school the other day, and I couldn’t be more horrified!  This may solve the immediate problem in one sense, but only by creating a whole new problem- now what you’re left with at the end of the strand is a section that’s only half the shaft.  This will be waaaay weaker, more fragile, and prone to breakage or even more splitting.  Trust me, split ends may be annoying, but this is certainly not any better.


And those are my 5 tips!  I hope they’ll help you in your journey to gorgeous, healthy, and split-end-free hair.  Have a great week everyone, and comment if you liked this post! ❤


xoxo, Paige


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