Philips Actionfit Sports Headphones Review ||Leah

I know that earbuds are kind of a random, odd thing to review.  However, I hope that this post will be helpful to others who have similar struggles: Have you ever had a pair of earbuds that just didn’t fit right?  And every time that you tried to wear them, they would fall right out?  Well, if this sad experience hasn’t happened to you, it’s very frustrating.  Trust me.  No matter what you do, how many times you try to twist those earbuds into your ears, they just don’t fit.  This has happened to me with every single earbud that I have ever tried.  Earbuds just don’t work on me!!  I don’t know if I just have small ears, or if there is something else going on with my ears.  So when we went school shopping, I was skeptical that I would actually find a pair of earbuds that would finally work on my ears.  We wandered down the headphone/earbud aisle in Target, and I found these:IMG_5811

*Note: The earbuds have already been taken out of the package.

To be honest with you, I was drawn in by the packaging.  I thought that if these earbuds were special sports earbuds, they had to work.  Right?  As soon as we got home from the store, I ripped open the package to try them on.  And… they worked!!  In disbelief, I started to jog in place and shake my head around, but they still didn’t fall out.

Some things that I love about these earbuds:

  • They have an extra little thing that sticks out of the top of the earbuds for extra support.  It ends up bracing the earbud against your ear.
  • They are super comfortable!  Usually the earbuds that I got to stay in my ears for all of five seconds were super hard and hurt my ears.  Not these ones!  I could hardly feel them at all.
  • These earbuds come in various colors.  The Target near us had lime green, blue, and pink.
  • The package also includes two other sets of earbuds that you can switch to if one doesn’t work.  There is an option for larger ears, and then there are normal earbuds without the extra thing on top.
  • A little bag for storing the earbuds comes with the package.  It’s just a cool little feature that most other earbuds don’t have!

Now that you’ve heard me ramble on and on about how amazing these earbuds are, you can find them here.  They are normally twenty dollars, which I feel like is a really great price to pay for wonderful earbuds that don’t fall out!


I really hope that you guys love these earbuds as much as I do.  I promise that they are totally worth it!!  If you liked this post be sure to follow elpie.  Thanks!

xo, Leah


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