DIY: Clothespin Cord Organizers ||Leah

Hello everyone!  Today I am going to walk you through a simple, cute, and useful DIY – cord organizers made out of clothespins!!!  I found this adorable DIY on, and you can find the exact link here.  Buzzfeed also shows a few other ways to make cute cord organizers, but I liked the clothespin ones the best.  It literally took me less than five minutes to make one organizer, and I know that I will be using them for a long time.  These organizers only require four supplies, and I guarantee that you have all of them somewhere in your house right now.  They were super super simple to make, and I love them so much!  As soon as I made one, I just had to make another… and another… and another, until every cord I own was wrapped around its own cord organizer.  Seriously, these cute clothespins will bring instant order to your life.  Or your desk.



*Before you start, be sure to plug in your hot glue gun if that is what you are using.

Step 1.

Press washi tape onto one side of each clothespin.


Step 2.

Using scissors, carefully trim off all excess washi tape hanging over the sides of the clothespins.


Step 3.

Put two fairly large globs of glue on each end of the uncovered side of each clothespin.


Step 4.

Press the two uncovered sides together and let cool.


Well, there you have it!  A completed clothespin cord organizer.  All you have to do now is grab a cord, insert one end, and wrap!  *Also, feel free to glam up your cord organizers.  Add jewels, gems, buttons, etc. for a little zing!

IMG_5729.jpg 2.jpg

I promise that you will fall in love with these personalized and portable cord organizers.  I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, and be sure to follow elpie for more DIYs!  Comment below if there is a specific DIY that you would like me to cover.

xo, Leah


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